Your Unique Stylist

Pooja Shah

“Just as a sculptor molds and carves clay into a work of art, so too does a hair designer shape a head of hair. Only the tools and medium change.
Just like sculpting, painting, dance, music and architecture, hair design is an art form.”

It all began in 1985, for Pooja Shah with the hopes and dreams of owning a salon one day. Today Uniqut Salon is more than a sought after source for artistry in haircutting & hair coloring. For years, Pooja Shah studied hair sculpting and explored therapeutic treatments and massages for the hair, body and soul. Her participation in education programs were with the most renowned educators and stylists in the hair care industry in both India and the United States.

Pooja Shah initiated her design career as an apprentice to a leading hair salon, in the largest cosmopolitan city of India, Tokyo Hair Salon of Mumbai. She worked with renowned hair stylists and cultivated her skills as a hair stylist. She personally had the opportunity to work with some of the top corporate executives and socialties of India, and ofcourse a few Bollywood celebrities.

After getting married, she moved to the United States and furthered her studies at the Levittown Beauty Academy. After becoming licensed as a cosmetologist and certified as a cometologist in both states of PA and NJ, she landed a career at the prestigious hair salon La Jolie in Princeton. La Jolie is a teaching salon, which means they build the quality of their staff through a definitive education and experience process.

With 13 years of experience, it was only a matter of time before she merged her master stylist training with her expert skills in designing and began tailoring them to the demands of high fashion. She ventured out to form her own home based hair salon. Her inspiration is her clients. To her one of the best parts of the day is to see a clients first reaction to their new creation they envisioned together. Clients walk in feeling at ease and comfortable, but most importantly confident with their stylist/cosmetologist.