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Just Enter Your Appointment You Want Using the??'Book an Appointment Now'??tab, below??
Enter your name, email, and contact number. Select services you are willing to have (to request multiple services please press Ctrl key while selecting).Then choose 3 possible date and time suitable for your visit and send the form.

Hours of Operation:

Monday ??? Friday: 10am to 7pm.
Saturday: 10am to 5pm.
Sunday : Closed.

Appointments made after 3pm on Saturday will be scheduled the following Monday. Requests for same day appointments cannot be guaranteed. Please request an appointment at least 24 hours (1 Business day) in advance. Once your request has been submitted, we will contact you to confirm your appointment. Thank you!

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If you have any questions, please contact us:
Tel: 609-468-6779
E-mail:?? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What if I change my mind after I book the appointment?

A:??Although you may book appointments through the online system, you must contact the salon by phone or in person to cancel or change an existing appointment. Any cancellations, or changes to an appointment must be done within 24 hours of appointment time.?? Please call us at 609-468-6779 and we will change or cancel your appointment.??

Q: What if I want to schedule more than one service during the same appointment?
A:?? Our online booking system allows you to book more than one service.?? Please select multiple services by clicking "ctrl" control button on keyboard.

Q: How far in advance can I book an appointment?
A:??The system will allow you to book ahead one year into the future. Since schedules can change over time,?? we encourage you to limit your bookings to times that you can manage.

Q: How do we pay for our booked appointment?
A:????You can pay for your services on the day of your appointment with cash, check, credit card or gift certificate.
Chemical Services vary in price depending on length, thickness, time and products involved.?? The price listed is an average price for standard length hair.

Our Privacy Policy

We respect our visitors??? rights to privacy. Uniqut Studio does not release any information to any other company, organization, or individual outside our establishment.??
The above policies are strictly enforced and are designed to promote an easy and convenient reservation system for our clients.